Ministry & Discipleship

Salvation By Grace Through Faith

The Father - The Son - The Holy Spirit

Doctrinal Statement

  1. We believe in salvation by Grace through Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus was born of a virgin (human vessel), conceived by the Holy Spirit, sent by God the Father. Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life on this earth for the purpose of going to the Cross of Calvary to die for humanity's sin. He was put in a tomb and rose out of it three days by His own power.

  2. We believe in the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures which teaches us the greatest commandments are to Love the Lord God with all our heart and mind and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

  3. We believe in the visible, personal return of Jesus Christ to the earth to retrieve His saints at the time appointed by God the Father and known only by Him. We believe in the Great Commission given to us which commands us to reach the world with the Gospel of Christ.

  1. We believe there are two ordinances given to the church by God: The Lord's Supper (Communion) and Baptism by immersion.

  2. We believe that eternal life is a gift of God and that nothing can separate the believer from the love of God.

  3. We believe that all believers in Jesus Christ are baptized, sealed, and indwelt by the Holy Spirit and that He stays in fellowship with those believers who obey God and separate from sinful habits and lifestyles.

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